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Up!Scene Heads Down to Miami with TIS

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UP!Scenities is what they’re all about as New York’s entrepreneurs soon head their way down to Miami.
Sean McKenzie and his crew innovate their conceptual thinking into one of their successful shirts that TIS Screen Printing proudly made!

Dirty Bombers UP!SCENE Clothing line colab. executed by TIS

The Dirty Bombers‘, their latest T-shirt success had the Phillies something to say, inspired by the Yankees victory in the World Series this past year. Sean McKenzie founder of UP!Scene has made sure that this was a success, his relationship with project coordinator Henry Morales has insured that there is nothing to underestimate what TIS Screen Printing can do.

But it’s not over yet, soon we will see other designs from them by this Spring, when they launch their new clothing collection, in addition fitted hats that will blow you away! They will head down to Miami, to show us the true art in clothing from New York. Check out their latest designs and events here!

This is Serious better known as TIS Screen Printing is a printing service company that specializes in printing designs for shirts, bags, banners and more. Visit Us.


Foot Soldiers and TIS Make It Happen!

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Foot soldiers and TIS shirts can never go wrong in the city of Miami.

Izik the owner of Foot Soldiers has collaborated with our CEO and project director Henry Morales once again in a lovely finished product for promotional shirts. The shirt saying ‘Foot Soldiers’ as the store’s name and branding, these shirts will be given to people who shop over the asked limit as a free promo shirt from them.

Their new design has come in black and white lettering, and black and red lettering. You can check their store further and see our recently made promo shirts from TIS on their myspace account, just look for Foot Soldiers and get a feel for the urban wear in Miami!

The biggest kick and gear store in Downtown Miami has recognized TIS Screen Printing, with quality work that has made the company very happy and fortunate to be affiliated with the owner.

This is Serious better known as TIS Screen Printing is a printing service company that specializes in printing designs for shirts, bags, banners and more. Visit Us.

Question Love Fashion Showcase with TIS Screen Printing

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Alex Casanova Question Love Showcase

Model Aubree Hibbe walking the Question Love Runway at 90 Degree Club

Last night was one of the most memorable nights for 90 Degree Club as they launched the night with a first ever stylist fashion showcase with music that pumped blood and beautiful models that turned heads.

“I want your love, and I want your revenge, I want your love, I don’t want to be friends.” – that’s what partiers and club goers of club 90 Degree experienced last night as the remixed sounds of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Sean Paul fueled the crowds and set the theme as models strut their style on stage.

“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to do a fashion show”, said Alex Casanova. “I love what I do and I do hair!” Working together with design stylist Kristina Melendez and advertising company Marcus Mills Productions, Casanova initiated the night with ‘Question Love’: a stylist fashion showcase advertising innovative designers and clothing from Maruchi Clothing Company.

‘Question Love’ began at one o’clock in the morning as 95.7 El Zol (, broadcasted live with a powerful introduction. Audiences embraced the energy of models turning and posing in the presence that made them wonder if love truly exists as they laughed, clapped and moved with friends on the dance floor.

“We’re very grateful to all of our designers, stylists, 90 Degree and Maruchi Clothing Company”, Marcus Mills said after. “If it wasn’t for their contributions and hard work, ‘Question Love’ would not have been the great success it was.”

Promotional T-shirts with a giant question mark and a broken heart were given out by ‘This is Serious’ Screen Printing ( Off the stage and on to the dance floor, they were the souvenirs of the night.

Alex Casanova is very excited to continue doing fashion and style-oriented events. “Thank you to everyone that believed in me, it means so much!”

Question Love pieces provided by Maruchi Clothing

From left to right: Henry Morales (TIS Screen Printing), Kristina Melendez (Project Coordinator/Question Love), Alex Casanova (Stylist/Question Love), Marcus Mills (Marcus Mills Productions/Question Love)

About Alex Casanova
Alexandra Montanez, professionally known as Alex Casanova, is an entrepreneur hair stylist. A graduate from Paul Mitchell the School of Cosmetology in Miami, Florida, she already has many satisfied customers across the United States and Puerto Rico. Through the knowledge and experience obtained by performing runway and backstage hair styling, she is now focusing on launching her services to provide fashion designers, stylist management and organization of runway preparation for product launches.

About Marcus Mills Productions
Marcus Mills is an Advertising Major at the Art Institutes Miami International University of Art & Design located in Downtown Miami. Immersed in the work of art, music, marketing and design, he has been involved in many promotional projects and has coordinated various events through the generous opportunities within his University and the many communities of Miami. (

About Club 90 Degree
The ambiance of Club 90 Degree beautifully accomplishes a mysterious desire to enter and experience the selection of music, architecture, design and most importantly the company of the super club’s V.I.P. patrons. The vision is simple, sophisticated and forward. 90 Degree is a staple of the affluent crowd in South Florida satisfying their demands for the very best in cocktails, music and atmosphere. (

Celebrating Diversity: TIS Global Tee

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Living in Miami, we are proud to celebrate the diversity that makes up this magic city.
Living in such a melting pot of ethnicity, different cultures and all kinds of style among our everyday life – there truly is no other place that could make us feel warmer, prouder or just free-spirited than here.

So we were thinking – why not design this into a shirt?

Fellow TIS designers Henry Morales and Jillian Spencer worked together to create and print this breathtaking piece to add to the design collection.

Purchase a shirt now, and be a part of TIS’s joined efforts to celebrate diversity among the 305!

Spread the word: Copy and paste the text below on your website and blog:

This is Serious better known as TIS Screen Printing is a printing service company that specializes in printing designs for shirts, bags, banners and more. Visit us by clicking here.

We’ve Gone M.I.A.

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All of us here apologize for not updating SERIOUS NEWS – for the last couple of weeks we have been very busy with new projects and more opportunities and experiences within Miami than we could ever imagine! All of that is soon to come, but to first – to make up for our leave of absence, we have an exclusive design we want to show you loyal followers!

We figured it goes with this entry and would allow you all to forgive us some what so tell us – what do YOU think of this design on a shirt?

Be prepared…we’ll be throwing a lot more designs your way!

This is Serious better known as TIS Screen Printing is a printing service company that specializes in printing designs for shirts, bags, banners and more. Visit us by clicking here.

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!